We’re not “competition”

When my buddy Matt and I connected (not long after I started my business and while it was still a side hustle), both of our agencies took on a new trajectory.

Within months we were both charging higher prices, rapidly building our recurring revenue, and closing more deals.

After we started The Admin Bar, there was another boost in our growth.

And every week in our TABLE meetings, I see agency owners help one another see opportunities (and risks!) that we are blind to.

A lot of industries look at others in the same line of work as “competition” and everything they do as top-secret. Thankfully, in our WordPress circles — it doesn’t seem to be like that.

It makes a lot of sense why WordPress dominates the market share.

If left to yourself, you’d have to figure out every little question, challenge, and struggle the hard way; through trial and error.

Yes, of course, you’d progress… but it would be one project at a time.

Instead, we have a group of people all trying to achieve, relatively, the same thing.

Each member of the group shares what works and what failed, helping others avoid the traps and get on a successful path much quicker.

It’s impossible to measure what the trajectory of our businesses would be without community, but I can’t imagine any of us would be anywhere near where we are today (though we might have less shelfware 😂).

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to all the people in the community, like you, who have shared their experiences, advice, feedback, and struggles. You might not realize it, but all those posts and comments are helping elevate our entire industry… Pushing all of us to do better, get paid what we’re worth, and not have to make the same mistakes.

I hope that TAB means as much to you as it does to me, and if we’ve earned your vote for The Best WordPress Community, then when all the votes are tallied — we’ll hoist the trophy together. 

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