Still not batting 1.000

With all the extra headaches that come with owning my own business, the last thing I want to be is miserable working in it.

A big part of that, for me at least, is working on projects I enjoy.

When a project (and customer) is a great fit — it doesn’t even feel like work.

Over the years I’ve gotten a lot better at spotting good projects (and the bad ones too!), but I’m still not batting 1.000.

One way to accelerate the process is to get really clear about what a “good project” is to you. And I don’t mean having an “idea” of what a good project looks like — I mean a detailed spec of exactly what you’re looking for.

It doesn’t mean that a project has to meet every bit of the criteria, but the more, the better.

So how do you get that granularly clear about your ideal projects? One way is to go through a questionnaire — like this one I made for you (with a little help from AI).

By answering all of these questions, you’ll have a highly detailed outline of the types of projects that are best suited for your needs.

I’ve found that not only does this give you the clarity that necessary, but knowing exactly what you’re looking for seems to make more of those opportunities appear out of thin air.

Maybe you don’t think that’s true — but what’s it going to hurt to try?

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