Is it even worth your attention?

In 2023, TABLE mastermind members accomplished an astonishing 157 long-term goals — which averages out to about 4 each. And that’s not even counting our weekly goals, which outnumber long-term goals by a factor of 10:1.

But from my unique perspective leading these groups, I’ve been trying to understand a key question: Why do some goals (no matter how difficult) get met, while others (no matter how simple) keep getting pushed down the calendar?

Sure, S.M.A.R.T. goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound) are a big help. They provide clarity and measurability.

Accountability plays a big role too — ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

And oftentimes you get the sense if a goal is going to be met by how quickly someone takes the first step towards it (which is always the hardest).

But there’s one crucial aspect that eclipses all others: purpose.

Consider this: A common goal among agency owners is to rebuild their website. Yet, this often gets perpetually postponed. Why is that?

When I ask why they want to rebuild their website, the usually response is some variation of “I’m just sick of it.” Compare this to a member who set the goal to “totally detach from project management in the business.” You can feel the weighty purpose behind this goal — even without context — can’t you?

Goals embedded in deep, meaningful purpose attract our attention, effort, and resources more than those that just sound good.

Compare these and ask yourself which one you would bet money on getting done:

Person A: “I want to rebuild my website because I’m sick of it.”

Person B: “I want to rebuild my website so that it truly reflects the value I provide.”

The difference is all in the why that transforms a mundane task into a mission.

If your why doesn’t sound like something you’d run through a brick wall to get, is it even worth your attention?

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