I don’t think that’s coincidence

As professionals that tend to eat, sleep, and breathe websites, it’s easy for us to get inflicted with the “curse of knowledge”.

If you’re unfamiliar with that term, is a cognitive bias when you unknowingly assume that others will have the knowledge to understand something like you do (when they probably don’t).

I think this is reflected in a lot of our marketing and copy (including mine).

But most of our clients don’t understand the first thing about websites, which is why they are hiring us in the first place.

A conversation in one of our TABLE meetings had us talking about this and how the big DIY type website builders combat this by using simple language anyone can understand.

Here’s a few of the headings from the likes of SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify, and GoDaddy:

  • Sell to every buyer, everywhere
  • The best-converting checkout on the planet
  • Grow your business here
  • Create a website without limits
  • One platform, infinite possibilities
  • Build more than a website
  • Create it your way
  • A website foundation engineered for growth
  • Take your business where it needs to go
  • Grow your business online
  • eCommerce made easy
  • Sell anything online
  • Everything you need to thrive online
  • Grow your brand with key marketing tools

Now, we know this is all marketing B.S. — but that just might be our curse of knowledge talking.

Chances are these multi-million dollar companies have done the market research, A/B testing, and focus groups that lead them to these more “simple” headlines.

There’s a fine line between educating your clients and overwhelming them — and if you confuse, you lose.

Some of the most successful people I know in this industry are the ones that also happen to have the most simple offer… And I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

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