How to come up with unlimited content ideas

Have you been meaning to create more content for your agency?

If so, then you know that feeling when you’re staring at a blank screen — the cursor blinking mockingly back at you? Yep. Writer’s block.

It’s a real pain, and something even loud-mouths like me face (can you believe it?).

Today I want to share my favorite trick I use to start churning out dozens of ideas, no matter the context.

The problem is, it’s so simple, you’ll probably just roll your eyes. But trust me, it works.

Instead of starting out with a completely blank screen — where any idea is a possibility — you need to narrow your focus.

I like to do this with “categories” (these can be just like the categories in your blog posts that organize articles by similar topics).

For your agency it could be things like “Getting Started”, Website Myths”, “Performance Optimization” — you get the gist.

Having these categories gives your brain a starting place and a set of boundaries to work within.

Instead of having zero ideas when anything was a possibility, you’ll find yourself with dozens of them by giving yourself a space to operate within…

For “Getting Started”, you could create a guide on best practices for buying a domain, share ways to save money on domains, or explain what a domain registrar is and how to choose one.

Under “Performance Optimization” you could write about image optimization, share your favorite performance testing tools, or connect the dots between performance and SEO.

See what I mean? The ideas just start snowballing once you have a direction.

It’s why designers start by gathering inspiration or chefs start a recipe with a key ingredient… Giving yourself structure to operate within isn’t a limitation — it’s what gives your brain the jumpstart it needs to be creative.

If it’s helpful, here are the categories of content I like to create for my agency: Case Studies, Continued Success, Getting Started, Marketing, Optimizations, Our Philosophy, & Tutorials.

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