Don’t hesitate to say ‘Pickle!’

I don’t know if this is something my kids made up, or standard practice across all cars with kids in America — but my 3 play a game called “Pickle”.

The objective is simple: When you see a green car, you need to be the first one to point at it and scream “pickle!” to earn a pickle point.

Now, if you’ve not had the pleasure of 3 kids playing this game in your tightly enclosed vehicle, you might be surprised at just how many green cars are out there. It’s shockingly evident when three kids and screaming and arguing about who saw it first (or if it’s really green) about every 2.3 seconds as your drive down the road.

At this point I’m convinced all green car owners are just following me around town to help drive me insane ????

They’re not, of course. It’s simple a result of the ‘frequency bias’. The frequency bias is a cognitive bias that makes us notice something more often once it’s on our radar.

Call me crazy, but I think this phenomenon can be a superpower.

Every day we’re swimming through a sea of opportunity. But, if we’re not looking for it, it might pass us by without notice.

But just like green cars, if you’re actively looking for opportunities, you’d be surprised at how you can spot them everywhere.

The secret is getting specific about what you’re looking for…

  • What kinds of opportunities are you looking for? Maybe it’s new networking avenues, potential partnerships, or digital product ideas.
  • What will they look like? They can manifest as a complaint, a cry for help, or even as a funny joke.
  • Where are opportunities most likely to occur? Online communities, local business meetups, or even within your existing client base.
  • Who can help you identify these opportunities? Mentors, colleagues, or even friends & family and help offer fresh perspectives.
  • How can you be prepared to seize these opportunities? Be ready to take action, don’t hesitate to jump in and ask questions, or keep a pen and pad next to your shower (which we all know is where most of our brilliant thoughts happen!).

On its own, the frequency bias as just a boring explanation of how my kids are determined to turn my hair gray. But by actively looking for specific opportunities — and using it to your advantage — your brain is much more likely to spot them when they pass by.

Next time you spot an opportunity, don’t hesitate to say “Pickle!” (yes, out loud!). It might sound silly, and it is. In fact, it’s so strange that it will stick out in your mind and help you tune your senses to new possibilities. The more you practice, the more ‘pickles’ you’ll find even in mundane, uneventful situations.

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