Could we “borrow” this idea?

Each year, Spotify does their year-in-review “wrapped” promotion where they push out personalized lists of your most listened to songs and artists for the year.

They’ve, of course, made all of this really easy to share on social media — making each year’s wrapped event an instant viral success where their customers do all their marketing for them.

It’s pretty genius — so it got me thinking… could we “borrow” this idea?

Essentially all they’ve done is take analytics data they have on their customers and presented it in an exciting, visual, & sharable way.

With minimal effort, and a free Figma or Canva account, I bet you could come up with a simple template that shows your customers all their website stats for the year…

  • Number of visitors
  • Form completions
  • Most popular page(s)
  • A map with all the countries their website got visits from
  • etc.

You could size the template appropriately to share on social media and even drop your company’s branding tastefully in the bottom corner.

Sure, we probably all already make analytics data available to our clients, but making it into a fun event coinciding with the end of the year just might be the thing that actually gets them to pay attention!

Perhaps you could even send it to them with a booking link to hop on a call and make plans to improve their stats in the coming new year (Cliff at My Web Audit has a great tutorial on how to turn calls like this into new paying projects).

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