Can you manifest it?

I seem to go through phases that swing from super-organized to semi-controlled-chaos (and everywhere in-between).

I’ve noticed that when business is slower, I get really lazy about making sure I put everything in my project management system or carefully organizing emails… But as soon as I’m busy again I instantly regret those decisions when I can’t find anything I need!

A few weeks back I realized my leads and pipeline was getting ignored, and cracked down on myself to focus and track every opportunity and interaction I have with potential clients.

And since then (about 3 weeks ago) I’ve never had more prospects in my pipeline at once.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either… and it reminds me that when you’re actively looking for opportunities a lot more seem to just appear.

I don’t get too frou-frou in most cases, but I can’t help but feel like you can manifest things if your focus, attention, and beliefs all align.

It doesn’t mean you can just “hope” something happens — you’ve got to take action.

Whatever you focus on can become your reality.

If you spend your day fearful (for example) that the economic downturn could spell doom for your business… well, it just might.

But if you focus on the opportunities it could create, then you’re going to be much more likely to spot them.

If you’re feeling stuck, try looking at the problem from a different angle. There are two sides to every coin!

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