Bursting with potential, but free from responsibility

Picture yourself walking down the halls of an art gallery, walking by countless pieces of abstract art. It’s beautiful, of course, but some of it is shockingly simple. Naturally, your inner monologue says “I could have painted that” (that is, of course, if your kids don’t scream it out first 🙄 They have zero filter).

And, yes, while that might be true… The reality is, you didn’t. The artist did.

The artist made a critical move that most of us rarely seem to muster the nerve to do… They moved from “I can” to “I will”. It was this move that, crucially, got them to “I did”.

I think this is where too many people fail to reach their potential…

The “I can” zone is seductive. It’s comfortable. It’s one-size-fits-all.

But while it’s bursting with potential, it’s free from responsibility.

“I can” asks nothing of us but to dream. No commitment, no risks — just the illusions of success.

“I will” Is different. “I will” turns potential into promise, dreams begin to demand action, and it holds us accountable to our commitments.

Don’t believe me? Compare these two sentences:

  • I can close 2 new projects before the end of the year
  • I will close 2 new projects before the end of the year

This one word completely transforms the spirit of the sentence — and very likely the results that follow. “I will” is the bridge from “I can” to “I did”.

It’s easy to see things and assure ourselves “I can do that”…

But will you?

How many opportunities have you let slip? How many projects have you left half-finished? How many goals remain just out of reach?

They’re all just waiting for your will.

So here’s my challenge: For the next week, be hyper-aware of every “I can” thought. Stop and ask yourself if you can or if you will.

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