A year of intention or action

Since starting the TABLE mastermind groups back in May of 2021, I’ve conducted over 600 meetings. And while that’s not quite the 10,000 hours Malcom Gladwell says it takes to have true expertise — one truth has made itself glaringly evident:

Regardless of size or experience, the biggest difference between the companies who flourish and those who falter is those who take action — even when it’s imperfect (and almost always is).

Think of it like this… You could do all your research picking out the perfect gym, hiring the best personal trainer, and planning out every step that will help you achieve all your fitness goals — but unless you leave your sweat on that gym floor, none of that is going to do you any good.

The same applies to your business.

Sure, buying the latest course, trying out new software, or brainstorming new offers feels productive… But I think if we’re honest with ourselves, those things offer us more comfort than progress.

Too often they are just procrastination and self-preservation from the exposure of putting ourselves out there and seeing if we can make it happen.

The agencies who are finding the most success aren’t necessarily the ones with the most talent, the best offer, who’ve taken the most courses, or have the shiniest tools; they’re the ones that are taking consistent action to put all they have and know into practice.

Chances are you already have and know everything you need to have all the success you’re after… and the difference will be whether you have a year of intention or a year of action.

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