Why is Your Website Slow? 

I’m a bit of a performance nut — in most cases, it probably goes beyond practicality and I’ve definitely found the point of diminishing returns — but as a naturally competitive person, there’s nothing I love more than beating my high score.

Performance is a major reason why I use the block editor and GenerateBlocks — both of which offer amazing results out of the box, while other page builders make you work extra hard to fix all their bloated code.

We have threads pop up in the group pretty often where people are asking what’s slowing down their website. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about performance tools, like Perfmatters, that help solve performance issues — but today I thought we’d talk about how to audit website performance and figure out what’s causing the slow loading times in the first place.

This video would probably perform better on YouTube had I made the title “The 7 Best Tools for Measuring Website Performance”, but truth be told, I can typically get everything figured out with just two tools. And, in my opinion, the fewer tools we can use, the easier this process will be.

So algorithms be damned — let’s get into it.

If you’re struggling to pinpoint what’s holding your website back, then stick around and learn about the tools I use and how I use them.

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