Unlock Dynamic Data in GenerateBlocks Like Never Before

I don’t know if I’ve ever been this excited about a new trick EVER 🤯 In this video, I will share how a small snippet of code (by Taylor Drayson) has blown the doors off the limitations of dynamic data inside GenerateBlocks.

👉 Options pages? Check!

👉 Bringing in query strings? You betcha!

👉 Inline custom fields? Hell yes!

👉 Custom hooks ANYWHERE? Uh-huh!

I just hope I can do a decent job of explaining it — because it’s extremely powerful and has the potential to completely change the way you build sites. I’m already itching to go back and fix about a million things on my past sites 😅

Oh, and you can pick up the solution for just $20 from Taylor’s Snippet Club website: https://snippetclub.com/products/dyna…

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