Raise The Flag! The art and science of pre-qualifying clients

We’ve all been there… We knew this prospect wasn’t a good fit — but for whatever reason, we took the money and went forth anyway.

Pre qualifying prospects is both an art and a science — and something you only get better at with plenty of repetitions.

And that’s the topic of this episode of The Admin Bar Podcast!

In this episode, Matt and I discuss our “red”, “green”, and “yellow” flags when it comes to sizing up our prospects.

Though neither of us had actually written these things down before preparing for this conversation, it turned out to be a great exercise. Knowing exactly what you’re looking for — and what to look out for — makes you more conscious of it in the wild.

We’d love to hear about your flags too — so please be sure to drop them down in the comments inside the group!

Mentioned in this episode…

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