Pros & Cons of Switching to Blocks

Have you been flirting with the idea of giving blocks a chance? If so, then this video is for you!

Today I interviewed a newly-converted block enthusiast and course creator, Jonathan Jernigan, to talk about the pros and cons of using block-based tools.

After taking some time this summer to reevaluate the type of agency he was building, he decided that in order to succeed, he was going to need to simplify.

In exploring his options, the combination of GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress struck the right balance of power and simplicity he was looking for.

And while we’re both admittedly biased, we discuss some of the drawbacks that come with using a more “simplistic” tool — things like a lack of conditions, accordions, tabs, and sliders — and how we’ve chosen to look at those things as an opportunity to get back to the fundamentals.

If you’re curious about what making the switch is like, then I think you’ll get a ton out of this call!

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