Performance Impact of the new GenerateBlocks Update

A huge part of why I’ve landed on GenerateBlocks for all my web builds is the out-of-the-box performance.

Getting 90+ on Google PageSpeed Insights is not very difficult due to the lightweight nature of GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks.

But what started as just 4 simple blocks, is now suddenly up to 8 with the two new additions of the tabs and accordion blocks.

Like everyone else, I’ve been excited to add these two new features to my tool stack — but should we be worried about how these blocks will affect our performance?

So today, I’m going to put these blocks to the test and see what kind of performance concessions we’ll have to make (if any) for the convenience of having these two powerful blocks at our fingertips.

If you’re performance conscious like me, then stick around and let’s dig in and see what we find!

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