How (and why) I rebuilt our website with GenerateBlocks & GeneratePress

Even though I just rebuilt The Admin Bar website in January of 2021 with Oxygen, I’ve since moved all my work to blocks leaving TAB’s website as my only Oxygen site. I knew that eventually The Admin Bar website would have to follow suit, but until now the functionality in GenerateBlocks just wasn’t capable of doing what I needed for all the dynamic data we have in place.

Besides streamlining my tech-stack, like many websites, this one had gone through several big changes leaving some parts mix-matched and bastardized which was negatively affecting the continuity of the site as a whole. With the release of GenerateBlocks 1.5 , my block stack had everything it needed to pull off the dynamic functionality of The Admin Bar website (including custom post types for the podcast, endorsements, & events) and I completed rebuilding the site from the ground up (yep, a fresh WordPress install!) in 4 days.

Join us live on July 8th as special guest Dave Foy interviews me about the process of rebuilding The Admin Bar website with GenerateBlocks, where we’ll talk about:

  • Why it was rebuilt using blocks
  • The design process (in Figma)
  • The full plugin stack
  • The inner workings of how it’s all put together
  • Some of the limitations & concessions
  • Live Attendee Q&A

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