Horizons of possibility

Picture yourself looking out of an airplane window down at a field below. The patchwork of land intersected by streams, roads, and highways.

Now, picture standing in the middle that field with both feet on the ground. You can feel the air, smell the crops, and hear the birds.

Same field — two completely different experiences.

But here’s the catch: You won’t naturally consider how the view might look from 30,000 ft. while standing on the ground. It requires an active shift in mindset.

I’ve found that this can be a huge detriment to running a business. Each day we make decisions, face challenges, and are presented with opportunities. We’re comfortable with our default perspective, and it’s easy to forget that’s not the only one.

I’m convinced that this “fixed lens” has led to many of my failures, poor decisions, and missed opportunities.

Actively perspective shifting isn’t something most of us do naturally. But each vantage point holds a piece of the puzzle — and it’s foolish to work with only a fraction of the information.

Here are a few ways you can overcome the default state:

  1. Zoom in. Dive deep. As deep as you can go. Think about the minute details that most people wouldn’t ever notice. In terms of time, only think about the immediate impact.
  2. Zoom out. Look at it from that airplane window. See how it fits into everything else in context. Imagine the impact in a month, a year, or even a decade.
  3. Do a 360. Don’t just look at it head-on, think about what it looks like from the back? The sides? What might be completely invisible from one side can be glaringly obvious from other. 

By actively seeking out new perspectives, you’re not just a better problem solver — you’re broadening the horizons of possibility.

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