2023 WordPress Professionals Report

We Surveyed 667 WordPress Professionals…

The WordPress landscape is ever-changing. Professionals from around the world thrive in a vast ecosystem, delivering high-quality projects to their clients.

For solo practitioners, it can sometimes feel like a lonely place. You wonder how others are doing in the industry, but it’s not always easy to ask someone else.

Other agency owners have teams. Small, medium, or large (yes it’s like ordering in Mcdonald’s), they want to know how they compare. Are they being efficient? Could they do better?

Over a 2 week period in February, I conducted a comprehensive survey of 667 web professionals.

Those 667 professionals ranged from people who were just starting out in the industry, right up to those who have decades of experience. We truly covered the globe, with the results featuring web professionals from more than 50 countries.

My goal with the survey was to evaluate our collective performance. This provides the ability to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

The results of our extensive study are presented on this page. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and read through the results from 667 web professionals who are just like you.

Fancy a deeper dive? (Of course you do!)

If you’re ready to put your “deep dive pants” on, I invite you to download the complete dataset. This will allow you to compare and contrast to see how your agency stacks up.

I hope you enjoy the data!

Read the Report

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