My shiny new Photo Contributor badge

Open-source has given me a career (that I love and would not have otherwise), so it always feels good when you can contribute — even in a small way.

One opportunity I came across (thanks to Michelle Frechette) was by contributing photos to the WordPress Photo Directory.

The WordPress Photo Directory provides free, high-quality, CC0-licensed, community-submitted photographs suitable for use within WordPress sites and elsewhere.

Since I love taking pictures (and just bought a new camera) I figured I had no excuse to not contribute.

Giving back feels great, but getting a badge is the kind of gamification that fills my competitive brain with dopamine!

A screenshot of my profile on WP.org showing my Photo Contributor badge.

You can earn the same badge, and it’s very simple! Just head on over to the photo directory, read through the guideless and submit your favorite snapshots!

You can see all of my submissions here.

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