Care Plan Rehoming

Over the past few months, I’ve had 3 different agencies ask me if I could take over care plans for their clients.

One agency owner was retiring and needed someone to look after their clients. Another took a full-time job and no longer had the capacity to look after their client’s websites. And the third simply outgrew a handful of clients that they could no longer service profitably.

Though all of these coming in a relatively short span of time is probably just a coincidence, these things happen pretty regularly.

Searching through Google, I couldn’t find anyone offering care plan acquisitions (or, as I’m calling them, “rehoming”) — so I thought I’d put together a page on my website offering it as a service.

View My Rehoming Page

As I’ve onboarded these new care plans, I’ve developed a step-by-step process to make the transition as easy as possible on both the agency rehoming the clients, and the clients who have to adjust to a new service provider.

While I don’t think this will happen regularly, I’m excited that I’ll have all the systems in place to make sure when it does, it’s an easy and successful process for everyone involved.

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