As I’ve gotten more and more comfortable writing HTML & CSS, earlier this year I set a goal to create an entire (but simple) web page all in VSCode.

And with the end of the year drawing near, time to accomplish this goal before the end of the year was running out!

So this week I decided to give it a shot.

The idea is to create a simple “Link Tree” like page that I could link to from social profiles that would show visitors all my various projects with links to websites and social media.

After coming up with a basic design concept in Figma, I opened VSCode at 3:08 pm on Monday.

By 4:48 pm I had the whole thing built and published on my Vultr server.

Obviously, it’s a pretty basic little page (with just 100 lines of HTML and 200 lines of CSS), but it works and does exactly what I need it to.

While I don’t have any desire to start building more projects this way, it was fun to push myself a little bit and at least say I can do it this way.

No plugins to update, no security to worry about — hand-coding this type of page actually works out pretty nicely.

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